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Hey there!

I was wondering how I would go about the following:

1. Restrict the ability to post a job to certain user roles?
2. Rename the "job" to services.
3. Restrict "service" to only 1 free post. Extra "services" can be purchased with debit card which would deposit into paypal.
4. Allow users to locate "service" in a search form. The search form would have the ability to search by price, location, rating.


  • Ryan Mooney

    Also you can see in the attachments some other things I will need changed.

    In the picture "update to say services and experts" i need it to say "services" and "aerial photographers". I've used the ultimate branding plugin and I think this may be a bug as its not applying

    I need to remove the due date.

    The create account link should take you to a create account page. Not wordpress page. How can I set this up.

    The add job picture i need to say "add service"

    the browse expert picture ... this should say "browse aerial photographers"

  • Panos

    Hi Ryan Mooney ,

    Hope you are doing well!

    Your requirements exceed the purpose of our support forum and would have better chances if you posted this job at the Jobs & Pros section from where you can hire a developer from the community.

    However I wrote a plugin which will do most of what you need but will need tweaking in order to cover all of your needs especially the payment part and how to check if user has paid.

    Once you install the plugin and activate it you will have to go to admin menu > Settings > Permalinks and simply click save so that the new slug (service) replaces "job" (simply visiting the page is enough, no need to click save actually).

    You will need to modify fucntions wpmudev_alternative_content_for_restricted_role() and wpmudev_user_needs_to_pay_to_post_job() in order to add the messages you need to appear in each situation. I believe you can figure out for which situation these functions are about from their names :slight_smile:

    Next you will have to check whether the user has paid. This is entirely up to you and it depends on how you will be charging the users. You will need to insert this check at function wpmudev_user_has_paid_to_post_jobs() and it should return boolean (true if has paid and false if has not paid).

    One more ting you will have to do in the plugin would be to uncomment line
    //add_filter( 'register_url', 'wpmudev_custom_register_url' );
    and replace "$register_page_id" with the id of the page you want to redirect to when registering.

    Regarding the translation of "Browse Jobs, Post a Job and My Jobs" you can use a very handy plugin called Loco Translate. It is fairly simple to use but you can ask here if you have difficulties. No need to create any .po or .mo files, the plugin created them for you. Once you are done you can deactivate and delete the Loco Translate plugin if you wish.

    In order to change the page titles you can simply rename the virtual pages. This can be done by clicking on each "Edit this virtual page" link you see in the admin menu > Jobs > Getting Started:

    Alternatively you can activate the "Jobs & Experts Pages" add-on to use regular pages instead of virtual pages.

    About removing the due date, I am not sure I understand what it is you need here as jobs posting require to have an expiry date. Please let provide further information regarding this.

    As for the extended search this also needs custom development.

    Hope this helps :slight_smile:

    Kind regards,

  • Panos

    Hey Rayn,

    Just wanted to share another thought here regarding the payment process that I just thought of. I would recommend using Membership2 Pro plugin and allow only users registered to a membership to post more than one job.

    In the message the user's who can't post another job you could provide the link to the memberships list and payments will be handled from the Membership plugin.

    Let me know how you think of this :slight_smile:


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