Jobs & Experts - The ultimate WordPress jobs board plugin.

Hey everyone,

Today we've officially launched our brand new Jobs & Experts plugin.

The ultimate WordPress jobs board plugin – detailed listings, expert profiles, ratings and so much more.

Includes these fantastic features!

.Front-end job and expert management
.Tailored to fit every theme
.Fully responsive design
.List industry professionals or a refined company directory
.Share expert skill-set with slick animated graphic elements
.Link expert social profiles
.Comprehensive job listings – budget, deadline, description and specs
.Display recent work from integrated portfolio
.Contact forms for discreet communication
.Both manual and automated page creation and configuration options
.Promote an expert with a ‘like’
.Flexible listing page layout
.Advanced search technology
.Quick sort tag and category organization

Also includes three different icon sets including, dark, bright and none to suit any theme! (Screenshots attached).

Grab your copy here

If you find any bugs, please open a new ticket here so we can track and provide support.

Thanks all for being fantastic members! :slight_smile: Have fun!