Jobs & Pros new features


first off, may i express praises to the developers and staff for the added features in this update.

obviously some intuitive thought and time went into this.
amazing stuff !!!

i would like to offer my thoughts here as well.

i was getting blank screens on "post a job" and "add an expert".
i thought my short codes were all wrong.
after experimenting i realised what may have caused the issue.
under "Credit Plans"-"free from" i set the values to "1" which implies to me that i have to purchase at least 1 job/expert to have access. is this correct reasoning ?
this makes sense not to allow access because at least 1 job/expert was not purchased.

so here is my dum question,
how can i therefore purchase/post that first job/expert without initial access ?
am i missing something ?

I initially thought the MarketPress integration was to allow a way for users posting jobs to pay the experts, and likewise a way for the experts to get paid.
This integration seems to me to allow site admin to charge users for posting jobs/experts.

As i mentioned above this is pretty intuitive stuff and it never crossed my mind.
however i guess it never crossed my mind because i was more thinking of how to benefit the site users (jobs and experts) rather than benefiting the site owner.

in other words,
make it worthwhile for experts to post because they will easily make money and not spend money.
make it worthwhile for users to post because they will easily complete jobs and not spend money just to post.
this takes incentive away from both sides.
both users and experts won't have to worry about sending and trusting each other trying to send paypal emails, personal cheques etc.
a payment system will be already in place for them to both pay and receive, i guess in a sort of similar way the MarketPress Etsy style works ?
and who knows, also have the admin collect a commission or charge a fee just like the existing "Credit Plans" could also be easily accepted if these other convenient systems are in place for them.

my initial request :

great update !

any kind feedback on these two issues would be greatly appreciated.

kind regards.