"Jobs & Pros" / "ProSites" - integration

i would like to suggest/request "Jobs & Pros" / "ProSites" - integration
i.e. anyone with a "Pro Site" can be a "Pro" on the jobs board.

i am aware of the MarketPress integration using the "credit plans" to purchase access as a "Pro" on the jobs board.
but if running ProSite setup it just seems a bit disingenuous to me to ask members to pay again.
its sort of like here at wpmudev ;
once someone is a paying member they get access to your job board ; be it as a pro or to post a job.
so my thinking is similar,
"Pro Sites" users get free access to be a "Pro" on the job boards & any member (free ProSite level) can post a job.

did i think this through properly ?
can this already be achieved similarly using user roles or otherwise ?

look forward to kind feedback,
thanks again in advance.