Join main site, become member of all sites

Is it possible to have a member join the main site and be a member of all the sites in the network? Even better, could somebody sign up on any site and then be a member of all sites?

The network I'm working on will have all the sites run by me, so it would be good if people just had to sign up once.

  • drmike
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    You lost me.

    Gotta admit I strongly feel that adding folks to sites/blogs/ whatever we're calling them this week should be done manually. I know in my days, I had to get an Automattic staff member go through and mass delete me from hundreds of blogs. Back in those days, the blog admin could add whoever they wanted to the blog. Folks would add me left and right when they were trying to get me to pay attention to them when they needed help. Had hundreds of blogs on my backend. Royally sucked since I couldn;t even get to my blog when I needed to post something. One of the (many) reasons why I finally went to self hosted and finally to MT.

    The only time I can see auto adding someone to a site/blog/whatever is when there's a specific reason for it and I;m sitting here trying to figure one out and can;t do it. The first thing that comes to mind is if it;s a support forum and both simplepress and bbpress use the user table, not the user information from the blog. The support system we roll out for out wp/wpmu installs also uses the user table.

    I could see it for a small, private site where all authors actually wrote to all blogs. Say like an online magazine site. Even then though you really don't want all authors posting on all blogs.

    You do want it though if you want to restrict comments. For example, if you want to require only logged on users to make comments. If that;s the case, then there are better ways to do that then adding all users. That's why I was asking for clarification from wp3.

  • Moonworks
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    The site I'm setting up is a main site that is the main site for a publisher, and then each of the other sites is for each book title. The books weill each have their own forum and I don't want people to have to sign up every time they ask something on the forum for different books.

  • drmike
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    If you;re actually using the forum plugin from here or simplepress or bbpress, I believe you just have to be a member of the entire site, not a member of a specific blog or mini site to have access to the forums.

    Someone will have to check me on the wpmudev forum plugin though.

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