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Thanks for the updated theme! I've been struggling for the past hour to add images to the home page slide show. I finally figured out that all of the images I currently own seem to be too small or JPEG instead of JPG.

Is there a way to get the theme to accept JPEG images?

Also, what size do I need to make my logo so that there is no distortion once I upload it? Can I change the size of the logo image?

  • Mason
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    Hiya Roxanne,

    Sorry you're having trouble here. Can you tell us exactly where you're having trouble with the jpeg file uploads?

    If you're running multisite you can set which files are allowable for upload in Network Admin>Settings so you may want to check there and see if jpeg is left out (it should be in there by default).

    Finally, you can also find many free tools available that will convert the image files for you - though I really think the jpeg files should work fine.

    Let us know if this helps or if you're having further trouble.


  • Roxanne
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    Hi Mason!

    I'm running it as a single site with BuddyPress. Basically when I try to upload a image that is a JPEG it makes the attempt to upload it before finally giving a message in a red box that lists the types of images it accepts and JPEG is not one of them.

    I thought about converting the images I have. I haven't found a free program to do that yet so if you can recommend one that would be great.

    Also on the issue with my logo... what is the perfect size? I've tried several different sizes and no matter how big or small the image that I use, it keeps cropping the image so you can't see the entire thing. My website is here:

  • Mason
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    Sorry Roxanne, this is really odd. I can't think of why this would happen. I just tested this on a WP 3.1 install with no errors.

    It may be something with the image upload script used in the theme. I'll ask Tammie if she can provide any insight into that.

    Can you try uploading a jpeg image to the regular WordPress media library and see if it works there?

    it's possible the theme's script doesn't accept jpegs, in that case an image converter would seem to be the trick - and that's difficult to find. As you've probably seen, there's a lot of spam links out there when you do a search.

    Still, we'll look into this for ya.


  • DesignIt
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    I uploaded my new logo but I need to resize it because it is too large. So now i need to upload the new smaller one but I can't seem to get the first one out of the cropping area to get back to the browse to upload button. I deleted the old one from the media library as well? Clicking cancel doesn't work, stays on same screen.

    OK I got it. You need to go ahead and save it and then it allows you to upload another. Also you can still use a larger header in the advanced options area. hope that helps.

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