jquery for "breadcrumbs" not loading on first step of easy blogging wizrad

Hey all,

This plugin may not be "officially" released yet, but I figured I'd post my issue here and see if someone could provide the answer.

I've got easy blogging admin and wizard running together and have used the easy wizard to make the first step (for new users) to be the option of becoming a supporter. The problem I'm having is that the breadcrumbs for wizard navigation don't load on the supporter signup page. This ONLY happens on the first login attempt. If the user logs out and navigates back to step one, the navigation is there. If they switch to advanced admin, then back to the easy wizard, the navigation also shows as expected.

The function that isn't loading on first time through the wizard starts around line 219 in easy_blogging_wizard.php. When I look at the source code for this same page with and without the steps the same stylesheets, js are loaded, but the actual jquery lines produced by the function above are not in the header. What would cause this not to load... especially on the first time loading the page only?

Note: I didn't notice this when I had alternate pages as the first step in the wizard. Also, I tried having my users click to become a supporter on signup, normally the supporter page becomes the first thing they see upon first login, however, the easy_wizard appears to override this behavior which is why I added it as the first step.

Clear as mud?

  • Mason

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for the responses.

    @Aaron. I figured that was the case. As far as supporter goes, I have unchecked "Puts a supporter signup option on the signup page." so that shouldn't be interfering. I haven't done anything to modify the supporter plugin (other than removing the display of the monthly payment option). I also do not have any sort of trial period set up.

    @Jason Steps to reproduce:
    Setup Supporter plugin with options like I mention to Aaron.
    Setup Easy_Admin_Wizard with custom steps: The first one being to "supporter.php"

    Upon login, a new user sees the "welcome" screen from the easy-admin-wizard. When they go to the first step, the supporter page loads, but the jquery for the wizard navigation does not. This only happens on the first time a user logs in and goes through the wizard. If I even go through the wizard again by using "wizard_step=0" the navigation shows up correctly.

    My first thought was like Aaron's, that something in supporter was blocking the nav, but I don't know why this would occur.

  • Mason

    Ok, after playing with this quite a bit more, I'm seeing that it's not supporter specific. No matter what page I put as the first step the breadcrumbs disappear.

    If I go to "advanced admin" and then back to "easy" the wizard loads up with navigation intact. So, something is not getting activated correctly on first login. I may just need to download the plugin again and start over. I made some changes to the welcome.php and complete.php files, but they were mainly cosmetic or for clarity specific to this project. Hmmm...

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