jquery spritely plugin not working…

I am using the JQuery Spritely plugin:


along with the supersized plugin:


basically, the guy I’m building this for uses an Apple cinema display…so the background of the site has to be able to get bigger for larger resolutions, and it also needs to shrink down to fit smaller monitors on laptops and such. the supersized plugin seems to be working great. the spritely plugin works great as well until I make the site go live. i’m not sure what could be going on at this point. when i view the page locally on my computer, it works great…the rocks pan to the left like they’re supposed to and all. on my live site, the rocks don’t even show up…

also, i’m using the WordPress “underConstruction” plugin that gives you a blank page then allows you to add any html/code you want to it.

can anyone shed any light on this?

i also tried creating a test .html file to see if it was WordPress…but i don’t believe it is. either way, here is a link to that: