Js code and pesky plugin

I’m looking to tweak a non-wpmudev plugin and could use some help.

The plugin is ‘Dynamic Step Process Panels’ from Quantico Labs who have not been very helpful.

Here is a sample page containing the current version.


I’m looking to tweak two things.

1. Currently the form(using ‘Contact Form 7’:wink: in the first panel is hooked into the ‘Next Step’ button to submit the form when clicked.

I need the button to not be click-able before the required fields in the form are filled out.

2. Currently the user can progress to the next step by clicking ‘Next Step’ or on the corresponding panel above the form. I need the above panel to either not be click-able until the form is filled, or not click-able at all and force user to use the ‘Next Step’ button to progress.

I know this will take some Js coding, but as to exactly what I’m lost :slight_smile:

I hope all that made sense and thanks for getting though that wall of text!