JS issues on multiple pages and Assets not loaded from CDN

I have a broken page and pagination of listing on my home page is not working. It seems to be a JS issue. Also, even if I enable CDN in hummingbird asset optimization, only a few of my assets load from CDN. Please help me fix this and improve my performance result.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hello BBP

    I can see that both reported issues (broken pagination on the homepage and another broken page) are both happening with Asset Optimization disabled.
    As it’d be more difficult to troubleshoot these with that module enabled, I’d advise focussing on these first, so you have an error-less site, then we focus on the optimization.

    I see that during live chat you tried out a full plugin conflict test and these errors didn’t resolve. This indicates that the problem is with the theme itself most probably (or some server configuration required for it). As we have minimum to none experience with the codebase of the theme and there isn’t any obvious error that can assist us, can you please contact the theme authors about it?

    As for assets coming from the CDN service, this require some time as there are some background procedures happening. When I first visited your website, all assets were changed and being served from our CDN instead. Keep in mind that I’ve disabled Asset Optimization for the time being, if you wish to re-enable it, please let me know so I can further advise about its setup.

    Warm regards,

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