Junk mail & auto reply problem

Hi everyone,

I searched many technique for junk mail but system mails (pasword reset,confirmation etc. ) going to junk mail.What is your advice for this?

Also (we are using google apps for mail), when I send mail from my hotmail account , gmail account send auto reply.But when I try to send from contact form auto mails not coming.


  • Mustafa
    • Syntax Hero

    Hiya David,

    First: (for spam message)

    All wp system mails are going directly to junk folder (not only gmail).

    Second:Automatic mail for contact form

    We are using gmail (google apps) for our mail box.And we set auto reply (like as “Thanks for contacting WPMU DEV?” message).

    When you send mail directly mail address – Automatic emails send,

    But,when you try to send via contact form- Automatic emails don’t send.


  • DavidM
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    Hi Mustafa,

    I can’t think of any reason for the WP system mails to be going to your email junk folder automatically, other than that one of those mails was perhaps marked as spam at one point.

    If so, I imagine your email client (gmail) would likely have a filter specified for that. I imagine it might also be that gmail recognizes your domain’s email as spam for some reason too. Have you looked for any such filters or checked to see if your domain is marked for spam somehow?

    I would think your second issue has to do with the first. If the system recognizes those emails as spam or junk right off, then it wouldn’t send an auto-response.

    Perhaps getting the first issue sorted will fix the second?

    I’ll ask a couple of the other guys over here if they have any ideas on that too.


  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Hiya Mustafa,

    First off, as you’re using Google Apps any e-mails not sent from Google’s servers will be treated as suspicious. That will be the cause of the ‘spamming’ of your e-mails.

    Use a plugin like WP Mail SMTP or similar to ensure that all your WordPress system mails are sent through your Google Apps SMTP server instead.

    As for the auto-response, I presume that you receive an e-mail each time someone uses the contact form? What is the “from” address on that e-mail?

    I suspect that it’s your main WordPress e-mail address rather than the senders’ e-mail address. Google is therefore not sending the auto-response because it would only be sending it to you, which it is clever enough to know is pointless.



  • Philip John
    • DEV MAN’s Apprentice

    Ah – I’ve just remembered why that plugin came to mind! I actually had issues with that one on a multisite of mine recently. There are however plenty of SMTP plugins available so a bit of shopping around will find you one that works nicely.


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