Just a couple of questions about Fundraising re: users and social media integration

Just a couple of questions about Fundraising:

1. Does it allow for site users to add their own campaigns without access to other sections of the WP admin? Our site will invite the general public to add their own fundraising campaign to the site.

2. If the above is possible, is there the ability to vet all content entered by recipients prior to publishing to site?

3. Ability to link campaign to Facebook + Twitter?

Thank you!


  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey @jdanker

    Welcome to the Community!

    No.1 is a feature that we are working on, it has been requested a lot before. No ETA’s though, but we will get there. That answers No. 2 as well. Sorry for now.

    No.3 : What sort of integration are you looking for? Fundraisers can easily be inserted into posts of its own, so all sorts of integration a post can have is possible.

    Moving this to the feature request forum :slight_smile:

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