Just a few questions about the Appointment+ plugin. First


Just a few questions about the Appointment+ plugin. First of all, does this have a feature where it can notify a customer through text messaging and Email? Now when the email is sent to remind them of the appointment can there be a link at the bottom of the message which they can click and change whether there going or not or change the appointment time all together?

Lastly, can I remove the names of the service providers and just set up a time for the entire office?

Now when I set this up for a business is it responsive? They want to be able to do this on their ipad and set up an appointment.

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  • Vaughan

    Hi virgil,

    Hope you're well?

    #1, No, there is no feature at all for notifications via SMS, you would need to hire a developer if wish to add this, as that's beyond the scope of support we can provide here. We have a jobs board here where you could advertise. https://premium.wpmudev.org/wordpress-development/

    The content of the email could be changed with a custom filter, but it's not possible to change an app time from email. If you don't have auto confirm enabled in the settings, then the admin & provider should receive an email notification with a link that takes them to the apps page where they can then edit or confirm the appointment.

    If you have it set to auto confirm, then the email will not contain the edit link.

    As for service providers, not quite 100% with you on that. But if you only have 1 provider, then you can omit the providers shortcode from the appointment page entirely [app_service_providers]

    Appointments+ is designed as a fluid layout, so should be ok as long as your theme is responsive.

    Then it's just a matter of making it fit in with your theme, you can do this with CSS, all the elements on the page should have id's or classes, so a quick look using firebug extension in firefox should give you the CSS to use.

    But you can find the full CSS in the front.css in the plugin folder.


    Just copy that to your theme style.css and edit it away to your liking.

    The tables use a % not px widths, so should generally be ok.

    Hope this helps

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