Just a hello from the new kid on the block!

Hiya all!
I have recently discovered this site and after a good look through what's on offer just signed up. Thought it would be a courteous to pop into the forums and say hello.
So... HELLO!

Must say I am a little excited now and like a little boy in a toy shop at Christmas.

About me. Well I am a multi site fan and have THREE in development right now. I also have a small reseller business and do a little dev work for customers using WP. I can see a number of items on here that will help me significantly and am looking forward to using them.
(I won't post links as I don't want to spam your forums)

I'm sure I'll have some daft newbie questions soon enough!


  • Kimberly
    • Champion of Loops

    Hello David!

    Welcome to the WPMU DEV Community!

    We are glad to have you! And don't worry about any daft questions! If you would search the WordPress beginnings of the Staffers here in their early WP days you will see that we all start at the same place :slight_smile:

    Not that I am suggesting you should search :wink: It could prove embarrassing haha

    Welcome and we look forward to seeing you around!


  • David H
    • The Crimson Coder

    I am 20 miles due north of the centre of London in Hertfordshire near Watford.

    I have travelled quite a bit in the States. I went from Boston to Seattle and then drove from Canada to Mexico all down the west coast in the early 90's. Quite some road trip.

    I can't say I ever saw an Athens, saw a few other place names I know of.

    I've never been to your corner of the country though, not even Florida. But I knew of someone who went out there to work in Georgia. Lost touch with them.


  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    22% of US states have a city named Athens; Il. Has Athens and New Athens. <<<We are just nuty like that.

    @David H
    There are over 60 Cities in the world named Athens.

    I am building a Global directory and classifieds. I Started to do it using postal codes. There are over 42,000 of those in the US; Bad idea to make anything according to postal codes. There are over 25,000 postal code changes every month. <<<Took me about 8 months to figure that one out. :disappointed:

    As you can tell from this post, things like this can drive a person nuty!

    hello! <<<Didnt wanna be rude!

  • James Dunn
    • The Crimson Coder

    Goodday @MTB1701

    If it doesn't work using that plugin, let me know. I'll hunt up all the other articles that I found about doing what you were wanting to (if I understood it correctly). I was surprised to learn there were others wanting to do it.

    Talk soon.

    James Dunn
    Athens, GA USA

  • David H
    • The Crimson Coder

    60 Cities in the world named Athens - Darn! Its just occurred to me that I haven't even been to the Original.

    That postcode info is a useful tip, I am creating a Directory based site next. US Postcode searches are off then. Mind you I think they're a bit more reliable in the UK.

    @MTB1701 I keep saying that about PHP every year. Apart from putting in a few variable statements my knowledge as an old HTML guy is fairly low. I could also do with knowing a bit of Ruby, I have a site which the paid for back end runs off Ruby.

    As for PHP I did download something a while ago called codeigniter which was a bare bones start to building in PHP. Not that I ever finished it.


  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    @David H

    The first website i built was in HTML, That was when EBay was still selling pez, and PayPal was just getting started. lol

    I step out of web design for many years. Then came back with DreamWeaver and drupal, I started to learn the ruby on rails when i discovered that WP was really easy to learn. I need something that people can learn fast. I never planned on getting back into development, but some things i want to do need web applications. So i will build theme then teach others to maintain them. "Job Creation" <<My City is in real trouble. :slight_frown:

    As far as the Postal codes the 25,000 is annually but there are changes every month; mostly from new cities in developing countries and city expansions. You would best off to use the city name and split the larger cities into N,S,E,W. Will be much easier to deal with.

    Thanks David H!
    Welcome to WPMU Dev!

  • David H
    • The Crimson Coder

    @MTB1701 Deamweaver.... Ha now that brings back memories I thought I was quite the master with my Dreamweaver 4, thought it was the bees knees. I look back at it now and the way it designed pages and realise that it had more tables than a furniture shop. Don't remember seeing a div anywhere!

    Tables nested in table all over the place. Google ranking bot would have had a meltdown going by their penalising for using tables for purely layout purposes rule.

    I've not seen any later versions in action. I'd of thought it must be better now. But I do not get why you'd pay that money for a licence when there is so much open source stuff out there that does the same job. (Same goes for photoshop - although I will confess that admit it is a super bit of kit)


  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    @David H

    Look into adobe CS6; it is awsome. I do not think anything can match DW for a static website. I stopped using Dreamweaver / CS5 last year i droped drupal.

    I have only been using WP for 6 months. I was paying a guy to build my websites, but his girl moved in with him and no work got done for over a month. lol

    I was paying another guy to handle all my server needs, and found out he was setting up crons or somthing that always caused a problem that needed his attention late at night or on the weekend. "extra charge". lol

    So i am learning WP and going to trian people at the local homeless shelter how to use it. Will hire my staff from there as well.

    I am considering going back to adobe CS6, but it is hard to justify the cost when the local homeless shelter is out of beds, and the food bank is turning people away do to a lack of food.

    So what open source software do you know of that matches DW? And how is the learning curve?

  • David H
    • The Crimson Coder

    Sounds like you're up to a lot of great things there with the shelter and all. Good work.

    I use Linux as my desktop computer and there are a number of free open source software options, like Bluefish Editor. Although I tend to use text based editors more and hand code mods to existing scripts to work as needed. On my mac I use CODA. I don't think any would match DW, just get the job done.

    I am warming more each day to WP and can see me using this more for client sites even building static designs with it. The 2011 theme is just so versatile.
    Here is one example I have just finished for a client : http://www.highclerefinancial.co.uk/
    (Sorry forum admin. I don't want to be accused of spamming! Just giving an example of what I use 2011 for)
    With the plugin available on here I can really see new possibilities for expansion.


  • David H
    • The Crimson Coder

    Thanks James.

    I am liking it.

    Look at that, I've been on here about a day and I am listed as already a veteran. Actually you've been around 18months and I've already outpaced your current points score - I'd better shut up before someone calls me a chatterbox.


  • Mark Wallace
    • Learn-ing-er

    Na! I already got the reputation! lol This is my 4th month, and i have over 700 points and have given away 150 - 200. I have received about the same!

    Just be helpful, and if you need help ask, say thank you because it’s kind to do so, and try and keep the post relevant to the title.

    General threads are pretty much open discussions. Sometimes they get way off WordPress, like if someone mentions ice cream. Watch this. @Kimberly do you like ice cream. “Now someone may post a picture of ice cream”, then a staffer will put a lock on this thread. lol I used the Kimberly and ice cream because she mentioned ice cream one day, just as the ice cream truck was going down my street. Yep Yep Chocolate Sinclair.

    So take your time and get to know people, and as you see I am ratchet jaw; so let me stop here before I write another book. :slight_smile: You can ask @JamesDunn to give you a link to topic he wrote about the forums, I tried to find it, but I could not find it!

    Nice meeting you David H, look forward to seeing more of you here!

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