Just an introduction...

Hi All,

(Right from the start - I'm new and don't know what I'm doing on this forum (yet). If this is the wrong kind of post, or is posted in the wrong place - please accept my apologies and kindly point me in the right direction!)

I've just joined up after a friend (who is a honorary lifetime member) told me about WPMU DEV. After a brief lookaround (no, seriously - literally 15 seconds) I clicked the sign up button. Glad to have done so too.

So introduction - my name is Matt, I live in Johannesburg, South Africa, I've been a web developer for more years than I can count, I love Wordpress (revolutionized my life, saves me time, allows me to deliver to my clients effortlessly, and is just brilliant), and I love motorbikes.

I have some good php, wordpress, plugin, mysql, jquery, javascript, (etc. etc. etc.) knowledge and I'm hoping to get involved in the community, help out where I can and throw some nasty brain twisters to others that I know will know more than me.

So yip. That's me in a, ummmm, teapot.

Looking forward to meeting you all.