Just another plugin idea….

Well, I am a noob…sad to say…However, it needs to be stated. Because, I am not sure if this is a new wonderful plugin idea or just an old outdated idea that I just thought of…get it? Anyway, when I saw that you guys took suggestions from your users and actually used the good ones, I thought…

Well, they already have all the good ideas taken up…so, no, I don’t have any ideas.

But that is because I was unfamiliar and to newish (is that a word) enough not to know that a multisite network doesn’t allow for private registrations on subsites.

This is a problem.

I have a plan that needs to have subsite registrations that do not in turn register the new user on my main site nor on the ‘network’ sites.

So here is the question/problem…Basically, how do I allow my subsite admins to accept registrations to their own site without being connected to any other subsite?

Ok, fill in the plugin name here: multisite subsite private registrations plugin by wpmudev

Get it?

I have to imagine that this would be a wonderfully accepted plugin for the masses. With that stated, I worry that I am not the first to suggest it…and if that is the case then why don’t I see a plugin for it…right??

  • Mark Wallace
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    Hi dscostu!

    I worry that I am not the first to suggest it…and if that is the case then why don’t I see a plugin for it…right??

    You do not need a plugin for this. If people register to a sub-site they are not registerd to any other site on the NetWork.

    So your idea should be ok! Enjoy!

  • dscostu
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    That was not my recent experience in my testing. I found that the mock testing user was not attached to that subsite. When I was using the Multisite Member Management plugin (think that was the name) the users were added to ALL the subsites . I deleted that plugin and found the the new user was really not on any site except the main site. I will check it again. I must have set something up wrong then…

    However, I posted this question on WordPress.org forum and a well known mod stated that this a problem and that my worries were correct. He suggested a way around it that included tons (well tons for me) of code that would allow for this. Here is the link to the forum post: http://wordpress.org/support/topic/reservations-per-subdirectories?replies=1#post-3098592 Please disregard the wp forum title…typo (didn’t mean reservations….)

  • Mark Wallace
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    Yes any information like that does help people to help you!

    i am looking at the link you posted.

    My answer is still the same!

    If a person registers to sub-site; they should not be registered to any other sub-site.

    Their user name will show in the NetWork admins “all users” option, but that user will be limited to the site the registered to; unless they are added to another site!

  • dscostu
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    lol, I see it as one question….my wording must have been suspect.

    However, I just checked out my new test user…and yes, he is a user on all of my subsites as well as my main site. So, I am requesting a way for a new user to register to a subsite without being registered for the entire network. Hope that makes sense. Sorry for my poor wordings and such. I want to thank you MTB1701 for your help. Please try this out on your sites and tell me if you are experiencing something different. I must have done something wrong during set up then…what the heck do I know…

  • dscostu
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    Good night. First off, ever since I deleted my Multisite User Management plugin I can not for the life of me find where I set that per user. I checked the network settings section and found nothing there about roles. Now, when I had Multisite User Management plugin activated, I had it set at subscriber.

    So, I just went into my network users section and found that the superadmin checkbox was not checked for the test user that I am referring to….However, that is the user that is able to use all of my subsites.

    Did you read the post on the wordpress forum (my earlier link)? The moderator seemed to know exactly what I was speaking about. I am more confused every day with this junk…lol

  • Arun Basil Lal
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    Hey @dscostu

    When a user registers on a sub-site, he is a member of the sub-site only. This is how it is by default.

    A big e.g. is WordPress.com and edublogs.org. If you register on a site, you are not given access to all the sites on the network, right? They are WordPress multisite installations.

    Of course, things are little different if you have BuddyPress installed on the network. BuddyPress just exists on the main site (by default) and the user is added to the main site as well as the sub-site so that he can use the network and be admin of his site.

    This is the default behavior of WordPress multisites. :slight_smile:

  • dscostu
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    Hello Arun, First thanks for your reply.

    I now understand the the user will be tied to the main buddypress site. However, when I look at a random subsite (also buddypress) the user who signed up on a completely different subsite shows as a memeber in a members widget (this is not a network members widget….just a regular old site members widget).

    I don’t want members of buddypress subsites showing up in the member widgets of different buddypress subsites. I want to allow admins to create their own solitary buddypress sites completely seperate of any other site…main or sub. I don’t want any connection what so ever.

    Also, when I went to that random subsite, I was allowed to sign in using the meta widget with the user credentials that registered on another subsite. Now, I would expect to see a warning pop-up stating that I am not a member of this site and stating that I will need to register. My users would be confused by this.

    Now, here is another interesting thing. Please help me understand why when I look at my test user’s profile it takes me to the main site and shows that the user is only a member of the main site in the “My Sites” listings. The subsite that the registration took place is listed no where. I must have something wrong, because you sound like the subsite (the one where the registration took place on) should be listed under “My Sites” too along with the main site and that members of one subsite should not show up in the members widget on other subsites. Please advise. If you want I will send you screen shots. Please direct me to the correct place to learn about the mistakes I am making. Thanks.

  • dscostu
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    THANK YOU LORANGE!!!! (yes, that was a loud shout)

    This is exactly what I am talking about….

    Two things:

    1. I am glad that I wasn’t going LOCO …I was beginning to think that I was missing something really big and started to feel very silly by the response that I was getting…but well that is kind of normal for me…Maybe it was how I explained it or something…

    2. Why isn’t this plugin already developed? WTHeck. I cannot believe that this is even up for voting…really???

  • Lorange
    • The Incredible Code Injector

    Hello dscostu,

    I’m glad you’ve found something interesting in the link I’ve provided. And do not forget to add your votes there:


    If you’re looking to have multiple BuddyPress social networks in the same WordPress install you need a “multi network” install. There are different plugins for this. I would suggest the following one because it’s actively maintained and supported:


    Another article you may find useful:


    Happy reading!

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Okay guys, this thread is too long to follow on (and a bit confusing to be honest with all the jargons, not anyones fault, entirely the limitation of my head), let me fill in with all the variations of BuddyPress that I know of. If some of these helps someone, that would be awesome:

    1. When you install BuddyPress on a multisite, its activated for the root domain only, even if the plugin is network activated. There can be only one instance of BuddyPress on the network by default.

    2. All users who register on the network are added to the BuddyPress as well.

    3. BuddyPress can be moved from the main blog to one of the sub-sites using this in your wp-config.php:

    define ( 'BP_ROOT_BLOG', 10 );

    where 10 is the blog id. Details about this and lot more here: http://codex.buddypress.org/extending-buddypress/changing-internal-configuration-settings/

    4. You can choose to enable BuddyPress on all sites using in your wp-config.php

    define( 'BP_ENABLE_MULTIBLOG', true );

    This is the same instance of BuddyPress on all sub-sites and NOT separate BuddyPress networks. Read the last section here: http://codex.buddypress.org/developer-docs/bp_enable_multiblog/

    5. To have multiple instances of BuddyPress, you would need this plugin:


    I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any questions regarding these.


  • dscostu
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    Thanks Arun.

    I am going to try to implement multiple instances of Buddypress today. Wish me luck. I will report back later when I get it all ironed out. I am sure I will run into several NEW issues.

    I guess after all of the replies and comments in this thread,, I have learned a lot and still wish that your dev team did create a plugin that does allow for multiple networks from one wordpress and one buddypress instal.

    So, I still feel like this would be a great plugin made by wpmudev. A plugin that allows for multinetworks and integrates with your other wonderful plugins like the affiliate plugin and the prosites plugin etc. Where, for example, a user could enable a site in the main network (the normal route) and for a bit more money be allowed to start their own social buddypress network completely separate from any other buddypress network…etc.

    Thanks to all that contributed.

  • Arun Basil Lal
    • New Recruit

    Hey @dscostu

    Well, based on the number of votes, should be something we could consider, or maybe have an integration with one of the plugins out there.

    a user could enable a site in the main network (the normal route) and for a bit more money be allowed to start their own social buddypress network completely separate from any other buddypress network…etc.

    If only one of these plugins didn’t have to be network activated, we could offer this easily using Pro Sites. May be we can just have a module that doesn’t have to be network activated, but can be turned on a blog by blog basis. That would work. Just a thought anyway.

    @lorange – Those two plugins do the same job, but they are not the same, I think the Buddy Dev one is more elaborate than the other one.


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