modules not working

hi just installed a test site on MAMP pro.
using newest pro sites i believe was updated today.

2 problems.

"upload quotas" modules are not keeping the values i set for the specific pro sites levels.
they keep reverting to 1mb or 100mb, very strange.
i tried unchecking and checking the "Site upload space" in net work admin no luck,
i also raised that value to very high thinking it needed to be higher than what i set in pro sites module, no luck
i restarted MAMP pro servers no luck.
i deactivated, deleted and reinstalled plugin no luck.

"Premium Plugins" & "Premium Themes" are not showing up in settings at all.
i made sure there were plugins and themes not network activated so they will show up but no luck,
i figured it was because i did not have any sub sites yet so i added one and still no luck.

can you replicate this on a new or existing install ?

kind regards.