Just moved vitalizerplus.net to new hosting account and can't access admin panel.

got the site looking at the right domain name but the original site location had an ssl new site does not and is in sub domain on new host temporarily until everything can be checked out and then will be moving domain to this new host. have deleted sucuri plugin and htaccess file but site still point to https://new.vitalizerplus.net/wp-login.php where we get an error 404 file not found how do I get around this to re-establish connection with my admin panel. so I can rest permalinks and have access to what ever I might need to administer.

  • Tyler Postle

    Hey Leonard,

    I didn't see this one before replying to your last one. Sorry about that. Have you tried deactivating ALL of your plugins? Via the method I explained in your previous post?

    Try that out and let us know if it does the trick!

    Also, double check this link: http://codex.wordpress.org/Moving_WordPress

    To make sure you didn't miss any steps in there.

    Let me know if you have any further questions!


  • Leonard

    What would change the options value for siteurl and home back to the sub-domain name due to the move. all plugins have been removed except one that has no bearing on the issue. without the one plugin the page errors out. we can't get into the admin panel without the data base being reset and the same occurs with pages on the site. which I presume is due to permalinks being corrupted. I can't even give you access to the sites back end because we can't access the admin panel. really need some help here. this is our primary site all others are working perfectly. but the database on this one site keeps resetting itself. again all plugins except flash xml have been removed does WP have anything in it that would repopulate those two fields in the data base as a form of security? because if it does that is what I need to defeat or reset. with the correct entry. I just need to know where it would be located.

  • Leonard

    Have found that only way to rectify the issue is to start with a new install and then unfortunately add the data selectively to the database. could really use some help with this though. because certain items still have not populated. also upon importing the options and having made corrections in it for location I have found that admin pages are not populating correctly such as switching from one menu to another calls to the root directory instead of the functioning directory.

  • Leonard

    a forgotten step was the problem. removing the location modifier from the wp-login.php file. with everything else I had done to get all of the site where they needed to be the one root site still had the modifier lines in it and kept reverting to the earlier attempt which had failed. inevitably I ran a new install and imported the database in parts to restore the data but was unable to restore the menu's and categories. have that issue in another topic. but this issue is closed having realized where the issue was coming from.