just need help getting started

Hi there,

I have installed fresh latest WP with Softaculous Auto Installer - http://otmamto.com/wpmu/, called the db wp_wpmu - is it correct?

Previously tried to instal a theme, but am unsure of procedure. It would appear I am to set up a package with 133 themes - but the text says I don't have to download, I can just instal, but the web page states Download, I guess if it's needed, so I am confused...... that's why I have created a fresh test site http://otmamto.com/wpmu/

Thank you

  • Elliott Bristow

    Hi @johnjz,

    Welcome to the forums!

    Firstly, you can call the database anything you like... what you have chosen looks fine to me!

    You can install themes from your wp-admin pages in the appearance menu (Select Themes > Add New). This will work for any theme available directly from WordPress.

    More information on installing themes can be found here: https://premium.wpmudev.org/manuals/wpmu-and-buddypress-themes-2/installing-new-themes/ including installing themes via FTP upload.

    For the Farms 133 theme pack, this process is slightly different. To install themes from this pack you would need to first download the full pack, then extract the desired theme from the pack and upload it to your site via FTP, you will then be able to activate it from within WordPress.

  • johnjz

    For simpliity sake, I wish to learn your wpmu system. That means I will stick to only wpmu themes. As a newbie, I need clarification of terminology, so my question is if I instal a theme via wp-admin (http://otmamto.com/wpmu/wp-admin/) I guess you are referring to standard WP themes.

    When you refer to Farms 133 pack, these are wpmu themes, I assume.

    When I download the Farm 133 pack, unzip, locate the theme, do I upload via ftp to the wp-content/themes folder ?

    And then use the wpmu Dashboard OR the admin-user Dashboard to configure? Or does it make any difference?

    Thank you.

  • Elliott Bristow

    Yes the themes you install in wp-admin are usually standard WordPress themes, although any theme you install via the WPMU Dashboard plugin will also appear in your normal themes on your wp-admin pages.

    To upload the themes from the Farms pack you would indeed upload them to the themes folder as you mentioned, just make sure that each theme gets it's own sub folder inside the themes folder to ensure there are no conflicts (and to keep it nice and tidy :slight_smile: )

    Once uploaded you can activate and configure them the same way you would any other theme in WordPress, using the default WordPress Themes menu.

    I hope that clarifies things for you a bit.

  • johnjz

    "the same way you would any other theme in WordPress" well, I'm a newbie about 2 days old.

    I'm finding that I am successful selecting a different theme using wp-admin Dashboard (is that what you refer/any other theme in WP? - - - - but NO success with wpmudev Dashboard.

    Q. Is wp-admin Dashboard the "only" place where I can change a Theme?

    So I can now easily change themes with wp-admin although it's still not quite right, images are not loading... so I question the tree structure?

    Could that be my problem in the first place? Not a good installation? Or the MultiSite is not configured?

    Than you