Just noticed after doing a google page speed test that

Just noticed after doing a google page speed test that a bunch of images didn't get compressed... the thumbnails generated by WP when uploading MP3 files with album covers. MP3s with album covers are usually 600x600 and WP treats those as a JPG import, then automatically generates a thumbnail. Seems that WP Smush isn't processing those particular thumbnails, as that's what the PageSpeed test reveals.

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hey @peter_harris,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    As this images are added automatically by WP it's possible that the newest version of WP is somehow bypassing the usual "media upload" workflow here. You should still be able however to smush those images once they are already in Media Library.

    To do this, please go to your dashboard's

    "Media" -> "WP Smush" page and if images are available for smushing, the button allowing you to proceed should be there.

    Also, you can try "manual" smushing by opening an image directly via Media Library, selecting and image and clicking on "Edit more details" link.

    Let me know please if it works for you!


  • peter_harris

    To (hopefully) answer all the questions...

    * no, they aren't being auto-smushed -- determined because they are the only images that show up in Google's pagespeed test as being un-smushed.
    * the thumbnails cannot be accessed in the media library
    * there is nothing left to smush in Media > WP Smush -- says all are done

    To replicate, simply upload an MP3 with a cover image. You'll see the cover image imported and smushed. Place that MP3 in a playlist so that the cover will display. (My guess is this is when the thumbnail gets generated.) Do a pagespeed test. You'll see the thumbnail listed as being unsmushed.

    Support granted. Subsite is MONC.

  • Michael Bissett

    Hey @peter_harris, Michael here! :slight_smile:

    Actually, on my test site, I'm seeing that it is being smushed. In looking at the "Optimize images" suggestion in the PageSpeed Insights though, it does say:

    Compressing and resizing...

    What I'm thinking here, is that while the image has been compressed, it hasn't been resized, hence the notice you're seeing here.

    I say this, because on my site, the cover for my uploaded MP3 is showing up as smushed when I check it out in the Media Library. However, the smallest thumbnail size on my site is 150px by 150px, and the max-width for the MP3 cover in WordPress's playlist generator is set to 60px via CSS.

    The PageSpeed Insights test sees that, and essentially says "Hey, that image would load more efficiently if it were natively that size (60px), instead of being set to that via CSS!".

    So it is smushed, but it's not resized, and PageSpeed Insights doesn't like that. :slight_smile:

    Hope this helps explain things!

    Kind Regards,

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