just register through membership, no subscription/payment step

Hi there,

I'm hoping I'm missing something really simple here, and apologies if this has been posted a thousand times. I haven't found a post yet that seemed like it was about the same thing I'm looking for.

I'm using the membership plugin on a multisite without any paid subscriptions as a way to control content viewing and editing among my users on a more granular level than WP natively really gets into.

So, in the Membership installation guide, I'm told that I have to disable WP's native registration and enable membership. Did that. I got the registration form on a page and all that good stuff.

Is there any way to bypass the subscription and payment step? Just keep them from appearing entirely? I read somewhere in the forum that you should "just use the WP signup form" instead if you aren't using paid subscriptions, but I'm having a hard time with that since it's a multisite (sign up is for the network rather than the individual site), and since the native registration is disabled.