just register through membership, no subscription/payment step

Hi there,

I'm hoping I'm missing something really simple here, and apologies if this has been posted a thousand times. I haven't found a post yet that seemed like it was about the same thing I'm looking for.

I'm using the membership plugin on a multisite without any paid subscriptions as a way to control content viewing and editing among my users on a more granular level than WP natively really gets into.

So, in the Membership installation guide, I'm told that I have to disable WP's native registration and enable membership. Did that. I got the registration form on a page and all that good stuff.

Is there any way to bypass the subscription and payment step? Just keep them from appearing entirely? I read somewhere in the forum that you should "just use the WP signup form" instead if you aren't using paid subscriptions, but I'm having a hard time with that since it's a multisite (sign up is for the network rather than the individual site), and since the native registration is disabled.


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    Hi surfermac and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    I'm afraid tere's not a way to do that without coding up a custom solution. If you leave the registrations up to WordPress, you'll have to manually add memberships/subscriptions to users at Membership > Edit Members.

    You could always customize the button for the free gateway, maybe creating a button to say something like, "Click here to complete the registration."

    Would that work for you?

    Also of note, if you've got any more than a single subscription/membership, having that step really would be a requirement for users to be able to access those options.


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    How do you customize the button and process for "Click here to complete the registration."?

    The idea is user have to register to view/post/comments on post. The site is free. We will have another level where users will have a very limited access.

    Is this the correct plugin or should we use something else?


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    Sure, Membership provides rules for viewing posts (Post and Category rules) and the ability to post and also to comment could maybe be done with user roles, as Membership does provide user role integration.

    I'd definitely advise using the User Role Editor for that. Membership can easily be used with it.

    Customizing the button can be done, as I mentioned, from the Membership > Edit Gateways page, where you can select Settings to edit the free gateway for instance. In the settings page you'll see options for editing the image url, like the following:

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