Just started 3 multisite networks - need to move over users too!

I just created three multisite networks for all my sites (about 30).

- one for client sites
- one for one single client with 4 of their own sites
- one for friends and family

On the client site network, I brought over all my sites, but no users were brought over. I need to bring over all the users from those client sites. How do I do that?! Please help!



  • ryanseale
    • Flash Drive

    Hi Patrick. Thanks for the help...

    I'm working with a developer on this. I'm not sure exactly how he did it, but I reached out for more information. I think he used the Wordpress Export/Import, but can't be certain.

    Is there a method that would work better for this sort of migration?! If you have a suggestion, we're all ears! I'm really eager to get this sorted. I appreciate your timely reply...


  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hi again ryanseale

    Is there a better way to do these single site migrations to multisite? And can we migrate our users over as well?! That would be a HUGE help!!

    Yes indeedy, there is! Those are some of things our Snapshot plugin excels at. :slight_smile:

    Install Snapshot on each of the single sites you want to migrate to a multisite, and make a backup to either your computer and/or a remote destination.

    Then create a new subsite in your new network. Install Snapshot on your multisite, tell it where your backup is located, import it and restore it to the new subsite in your network.

    Now that Snapshot is installed on your multisite, you can simply import the backup of each of your single sites, and restore them to new subsites in your multisite. Done. :slight_smile:

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