Will WHMCS handle all billing and invoicing


Just to confirm if this plugin is utilized will all billing for WP multi-site sub-sites with there respective levels be billed and invoiced via WHMCS?

Does this remove the need for Pro-sites PayPal subscriptions?

Also does this enable one/same password word for access both wp and WHMCS?

  • Vaughan
    • Support/SLS MockingJay

    Hi @northgate,

    Yes, both whmcs & wordpress accounts will have the same, but only if your wordpress site doesn't already have an account created with the same email address that's being registered through WHMCS, if the site already exists on wordpress, then it will create a different password for whmcs.

    Here's the info from the docs.

    ntegration with Pro Sites is an incredibly powerful feature that allows you to create separate products in WHMCS and associate them with Levels you create using Pro Sites. This lets you offer various plans through your WHMCS service, allowing clients to purchase additional features like Premium Plugins and Premium Themes.

    Simply install and configure Pro Sites, setting up various Levels as you want them, as per our Usage page.

    Then within the admin area of WHMCS, create a product for each Pro Sites Level (as detailed above). In each product, the ProSites ?eld should match the Level name in Pro Sites.

    Once that is done, clients will be able to purchase Pro Sites plans as products through WHMCS, upgrading, downgrading and canceling plans as they like.

    Hope this helps

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