Just wandering if there are any ecommerce themes that can

Just wandering if there are any ecommerce themes that can be purchase in compatible with marketpress not supported from your theme bank.

  • afrojuju
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    Bought your marketpress plugin but seems to come with no themes and looking for a custom theme with the menu option like login and registration already setup to buy. What will be a recommended theme that will support buyers to setup their own markets under my site.

  • Alexander
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    Hi @afrojuju,

    MarketPress is designed to work well with any theme. FrameMarket is specifically designed to work with it and provide a few extra features. But overall, it should work great in any theme that meets WordPress theme standards.

    As for our pricing, all of our products are available with a membership, and only one membership can be active at a time, If you need two singles, you'll need to set up a new account for that subscription - or, you could upgrade to full

    Once Multisite is setup, your buyers can setup a store from the signup page on your main site. This is actually theme independent. It doesn't matter what theme you use. You may be interested in viewing our tutorial video on an ETSY style MarketPress setup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1QMaf5FDrWg&list=UULgqhMisF-ykzHZzuMEfV4Q&index=36

    A few other plugin you might be interested are:

    New Blog Templates - This allows you to setup a "template" blog that all new stores are cloned from.
    Ultimate Branding - This allows you to further white label WordPress and remove all WordPress branded elements, replacing them with your own.

    Best regards,

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