Viewing assessments, grading and progress trackers

Hi guys! Just wondered if you could help me out with a couple of queries...

When viewing Assessments or the learners workbook I can view and select, grade, provide a comment and save the changes. I then have to click on the learners workbook again and repeat the process to view their second, third and so on assessable answer and it's time consuming... Is it possible to have a 'NEXT' button so you automatically go to the learners next unmarked assessable answer? It would also be great to have the option of a 'Competent' and 'Not Yet Competent' grading button rather than % scoring or the option to choose either?

Also, the progress trackers only increase when there is an assessable question, is it possible to increase with a non-assessable answer too. Currently I have a unit which shows that '1 of 1 mandatory items has been completed' but shows the tracker at 50% complete. It would be great if the tracker increased even just viewing the page if that's possible too?

Many thanks! : )