Keep on getting "Please activate" message

Hi all

I keep on getting this page:

I am using the Social Theme and there is really no reason why this should happen. My users get the activation email just fine, they click the activation link and then gets taken to the page above...

But they can log in and start using the platform just fine, no need for the activation key, there is no activaiton key sent or anything. It happens with most people, but some do not get it...

I am using the latest BP version.

  • cepgray
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    Hi, I'm having the same issue where members will activate their account, get a confirmation email, and activate their account, but when they go to my "login" page it asks for an activation key. I originally thought that it might be the end of the activation url link sent to the users confirming the setup of their account, but it's not.

    I have three links on the home page for logging in - one in the main menu bar, one just under the header, and a menu bar at the very top of the screen. The login at the very top works (it seems to send the user to the wp-login site), but the other two don't - I get sent to the same page asking for an "activation key".

    I looked at the link you provided but I don't see a solution posted on the issue, just a lot of people complaining about the same issue. One person suggested a plugin, but upon further digging I found that the plugin can actually cause more issues than solve the problem, so I'm thinking I'd rather avoid the plugin solution if possible. I was wondering if there was if there was a way to maybe create a work around to this issue like redirecting the two pages that don't work, to the one that does work?

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