KeepAlive - On or off?


Doing a quick install of wpmu on a server for someone. Sitting here looking at a top and noticed that all the httpd child processes are still running, even though nothing is happening with the site. A quick question to the folks who do our tech support gives me back a "We set KeepAlive to off as a default on your boxes".

I can see it as a plus if one would leave the processes running if this was the only processes running on the VPS.

A quick google shows me this as well.

Anyone else care to weigh in? Looking at a CentOS with I believe 256 megs. Running currently 151 megs used but with nothing really happening. (Again the site isn't active.) A top shows mostly httpd's taking up the memory although none of them are causing and processor usage.

edit: Hmmm, While I was writing that, I was waiting for a updatedb to run so I could run a locate and find the httpd.conf file. KeepAlive is off with a max time of 15 seconds. I think I'll have to debug this but I'll leave this here is anyone else wants to weigh in on leaving it on or off.