Keeping Notes Can Save Your Behind

Recently, godaddy and I had a problem, my domains were being redirected to an associates domain, and I asked them to point them back to my DNS. So that I could manage them again. They did what I asked, but did so without telling me that the links to my themes, content and data bases would be lost . . . until after the fact.

Disheartened, it took me months to try to rebuild everything, but during that time, I read about WP set up and management. When finished, it took me two days to set everything back up, and to install Zend and WAMP as local host servers to test changes and code.

Make sure hosting account is set up properly; check notes.

My Notes: The domains mentioned are mine and are all active,

1. Accessing the GoDaddy Hosting Control Center

a. Username: user pwd >secXlong

b. Customer number: 12345678 pwd >secXlong

c. Pin: 1234

2. Keep accurate notes, memory can be fuzzy and be patient

3. Have expert help configuring your own server or use hosting services: GoDaddy

4. Make sure initial installation was correct and site functions as expected

5. DNS is pointing to correct server: 1XX.1XX.26.1 for all

6. Domain hasn’t been forwarded

7. Data bases are properly set up

8. WP-config files point to the correct data base : 8271234-subfiles follow

a. Alaska and Life: ala1234567890000 (.com)

b. Apostates Heart: apo1234567890000 (.com)

c. Sleezers World (Primary): sle1234567890000 (.com)

d. Un-Named Public Service Site: pss1234567890000 (.org) now managed by RG [] contact by phone at 456.123.4567

e. Your Global Guy: you1234567890000 (.com)

f. In the WP-config file, your database id will be seen 3 times, if not, things won’t work

9. Make resolving conflicts a number one priority [see7, and e above]

10. Update all sites individually and completely-don’t skip around

11. Update core file first: WP 3.4.2 available, using 3.4.1 and 3.3.1

12. Update theme features or plugins individually

13. Monitor the impact of each update or enhancement

14. Check your links to make sure they resolve properly

15. Back up your data files to own storage system [process called archiving]: 10/03/12

16. Learn to use Filezilla or otherFTP clients-don’t count on anyone to do it

17. Back up data bases regularly

18. Changing a file name in file manager can have dire consequences

a. file2 may contain info that needs to be shared under./ and or need to be renamed file1 to access video data files I think are buried in there

19. Accessing Your Site Admin and Email Notes

A. Keep email protocols simple

a. admin >XXYzhint

b. admin >XX Yzhint

c. admin >XXYz hint

d. admin >XXYz hint

e. Un-Named Public Service Site no email

Admin access: wp-admin or wp-login

a. Sleezers World: sleezer >secXlong

b. Alaska and Life: tlcorbin >secXlong

c. Apostates Heart: tlcorbin >secXlong

d. Your Global Guy: tlcorbin >secXlong

e. Un-Named Public Service Site: tlcorbin >secXlong

20. Disqus is a commenting platform I use

a. sleezerworld >secXlong


21. Akismet and/or WPMU API Key

a. XeXXXaXXbeXa akismet key

b. It’s a long one that WPMU API

22. Note your godaddy FTP account info

23. Note your Facebook account info

24. Note your Twitter account info

25. Note your Twitter Hashtags, definitions and @domain link info

26. Note your shortened URL account and url’s from or other account

27. Note your gmail, yahoo, aim or other online email information

28. Note your youtube or Ustream account info

29. Note your feedburner accounts and access info

30. Note special stuff like your SEO Wizard info

31. Links to important basic;



c. [offsite tool]















r. [use within template themes and child themes]

s. [a portal]















It doesn’t matter I what order that you save important data, what matters is that when you are under pressure to get your prized jewel of a domain and blog restored, you don’t have to make panic searches for the info that you need to restore everything. Build a tool box of notes and information sources that are meaningful for your needs and skill level. It’s cheap insurance.

When comfortable, I would suggest that you install WAMP as a local host server onto your computer and install WordPress into its WWW file and experiment with it rather than your hosted domain. We can chat about setting that up if anyone is interested.

  • Brian Purkiss
    • Smushie Pies

    I’m sorry you ran into such an unfortunate issue!

    I would throw in two additional tips for ya.

    First off, I would recommend not hosting with GoDaddy. I constantly hear tons of horror stories about this webhost. I would recommend someone like Host Gator or

    I would also highly recommend keeping active backups of everything. There’s a handy WordPress plugin that will automatically backup everything to the cloud. This can save yourself tons of work if the worst may happen. Check out this article on how to automatically backup to the cloud.

    Thanks for sharing! Hopefully your tips can help keep someone else from dealing with an issue like yours.

  • Fullworks
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hey exactly my thoughts ( about hosting companies).

    But it is a very good point, there are many things you discover and fix on the journey and it is difficult to remember everything. Personally I keep notes on Google Docs (now Google drive) so that way I can recall them even if I’m in a remote location.

  • tlcorbin
    • Able1

    Hello Brian and ROIBOT, thank you both for taking the time to reply.

    Brian, I wasn’t happy with Host Gator when I used their service, but most of that was indicative of my lack of experience managing my own domain. I definitely learned the hard way about constantly backing things up, as it happens, I kept a copy of most of my original posts that I usually composed with msword, handy, but not very efficient to for restoring several years of posting content. I will check out the link you provided and for a future host.

    Brian and ROIBOT, Google Docs now redirects inquiries to GoogleDrive; and I am signing up for their services.

    Ah, one more thing we are in agreement about, isn’t very newbie friendly. Thanks again.

  • Tom Eagles
    • Syntax Hero


    If you need to ever move again one of the most painless tools available is backupbuddy, just two files are created a zip with all your wp goodness in it, and a restore file. Just create a database and username on the new server, no need for a wordpress install or anything,

    Call the php file and follow the simple instructions and ya up and running in minutes.

    Ok its not free but if you don’t have access to something like cpanel it makes moving sites a few minutes.

    Regarding hosting the best i have come across is my current host and actually one of the support team here.

    Cheers Tom

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