Keeping post likes & comments while reposting to a page


My wordpress blog post ( was referenced in a post on my main user account Facebook wall (the Facebook post was NOT made by me see - Since it was not made by me, I believe that is why the comments did not synchronize - correct? Over 400 people have liked my wordpress post directly on my site, they also commented on it there.

Now i'd like to have my wordpress post show up directly on a one of my pages that is linked up via Ultimate Facebook. That page is I'd like to keep the likes and comments associated with the wordpress post, but right now I can't even post it from wordpress to my page because it was previously posted-referenced by someone else on my main Facebook account. I see "This post has already been published on Facebook". If I post it to my dreamspace page from within Facebook will the likes and comments carry over? I just granted you guys access to