Keeps saying you have images that need re-compressing

I have run Bulk Smush Now and Re-check Images several times, and it always comes back the same. There are 170 images, so it took two runs to get them all done, but it continues to says there are still 11 that need to be smushed. Everything is up-to-date.

Automatic smushing and resize original images are both turned on
After bulk smushing, it says all images are smushed on the left but says 148/159 images smushed in the stats on the right…

All of the images from demo content are already optimized.

  • Dimitris
    • Support Star

    Hey there Asif,

    hope you're doing good and thanks for joining us! :slight_smile:

    I just accessed your website after you kindly granted support access for us and saw this glitch in action. I also confirmed that the actual images have been smushed as you can also see by viewing the WP Smush column while navigating to list view of your media library.

    Despite that, these stats aren't correct and this might be an issue of caching.
    Could you please try to clear and deactivate any caches involving to your setup like plugins, server side mechanisms like Varnish or Memcached, clear your browser cache and try to recheck files.

    If this continues, please perform a complete conflict test as described in a nice flow chart here:
    Simply deactivate all other plugins apart from Smush, activate a default theme and give this another spin. If this resolves it, there's a conflict somewhere between the deactivated plugins and theme, so please activate them back one-by-one, re-checking files each time until you get the faulty results once more.

    Warm regards,

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