– Help to replicate features using WPMU

Dear Fellow WPMU’ers,

I am new to wpmu but it seems like it can achieve almost anything. :slight_smile:

I have always had an idea to launch a safe multiblog system for kids in Singapore. The idea is to cultivate a writing habit in young kids centred around a class environment (kids are motivated to write when they know friends are reading). Searching around, I chanced upon which I believe is US based.

I don’t want to sound like a copy but there should not be any monopolies here.

I need someone adept in wpmu who would be willing to work with me (for a fee of course) to install/setup suitable WPMU plugins/themes that will allow a multiblog similar to kidblog’s.

A full feature list is found at :

Could anyone here suggest where I can get a professional to work with on this project?

This multiblog will focus on schooling children and will be free to use. Revenue will be only from ads.

Thanks. Look forward to your help.