Kind request as we finally end up with our Latin...

Most valued Support - Team,

we are so glad knowing you and even more, so far you always granted top professional support. That's really awesome and much more, when comparing your brilliant support offer with other available on the internet.

For now:
For sure, we checked our TYPES cf definition including all settings several times... compared each single entry/setting between main + sub domain. Our hassle is, we created on Main Domain 'bestof...' two custom types, so did we on Sub Domain 'AboutME'. While we are satisfied with the result on Sub Domain... we experience trouble on Main Domain which is: Custom Type works but the option of making individual inputs at front end (created by CRED plugin) does not work.

Well, the form is displayed an backend (build with VIEWS) but not the input fields.

- We cleared Super Cache
- We cleared Browser
- We de-/reactivated plugins
- We refreshed PERMALINK

All that we did it at least twice but, while our CF on sub domain allow our Member to do at front end level individual entries on each form... we are unable to give our Member on MAIN DOMAIN the same opportunity which is: allow inputs at front end level!

Please help us to find the failure to sort out this issue.

You certainly need for that direct server access. Unfortunately our VPS suppress the WPMU Option 'grant support access'. Therefore we are asking kindly please request server access with the option 'have a different question'.

Thanks very much upfront.

  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey Prinz

    Sorry about the delay. I am working on the issue currently. Just updating .. I was not able to use the super-admin account details and blue host gives me this error message. Is anyone else using these details ??

    Anyway can you make my username (jude) super admin temporarily, once this issue is fixed you can delete the account if you want.


  • Jude
    • DEV MAN

    Hey @Prinz

    No need for that I found an earlier time when you gave Adam access details and I can use that. Im using the Rabitfoot account.

    I was able to observe the issue you described. Looks like a conflict of some type. The subdomain does not have it but the main one does.

    Can you try a plugin conflict test as detailed here ? Please use a default theme when doing this

    I wanted to try .. but there are too many things setup and I did not want to break anything.


    Also a small tip .. I don't think this use on the main site requires Custom types and fields. A simple form manager is best. Try something like this one. Its free and good.

  • Klaus
    • The Crimson Coder

    Hello Jude,
    indeed it's always a great pleasure being supported by you.

    We are going to follow CALDERA recommendation; it seems this is really what we want to have and much less of frustration then de- / reactivate all those plugin.

    Much better, Caldera is easier to deal with and offers for our purpose great option.

    Time to mark this support request as solved.
    BIG, BIG thank you.

    We are so glad being supported by you.

    Set JUDE login to SuperAdmin. PW should be automatically sent by email.


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