Kind request as we finally end up with our Latin…

Most valued Support – Team,

we are so glad knowing you and even more, so far you always granted top professional support. That’s really awesome and much more, when comparing your brilliant support offer with other available on the internet.

For now:

For sure, we checked our TYPES cf definition including all settings several times… compared each single entry/setting between main + sub domain. Our hassle is, we created on Main Domain ‘bestof…’ two custom types, so did we on Sub Domain ‘AboutME’. While we are satisfied with the result on Sub Domain… we experience trouble on Main Domain which is: Custom Type works but the option of making individual inputs at front end (created by CRED plugin) does not work.

Well, the form is displayed an backend (build with VIEWS) but not the input fields.

– We cleared Super Cache

– We cleared Browser

– We de-/reactivated plugins

– We refreshed PERMALINK

All that we did it at least twice but, while our CF on sub domain allow our Member to do at front end level individual entries on each form… we are unable to give our Member on MAIN DOMAIN the same opportunity which is: allow inputs at front end level!

Please help us to find the failure to sort out this issue.

You certainly need for that direct server access. Unfortunately our VPS suppress the WPMU Option ‘grant support access’. Therefore we are asking kindly please request server access with the option ‘have a different question’.

Thanks very much upfront.