Landing page no appear in public , but after login, yup, it works.


I need some help here with directory listing.

My landing page , which I have used a static page is not appearing to the public. But, when I login via admin, I am able to view the landing page. It is in grid box.

Can you please help me and guide how to configure the grid box appear to the public online.

I have key in this command: [dr_list_categories style="grid"] , but it only appear if i login. Public nopw -

Please help.
Hazman Aziz

  • Hazman

    Hi joe,

    I think it is conflict with my membership (premium plugin) - network activated, it.

    Okay, I have relooked and redesign the entire of my plan (info-architecture). I think to minimise error, I just run membership (premium plugin) at an individual site level, rather than network. This is because I have another 10 more subsites to create and form into a resource library for my students.

    Of course, my students get free access. But, outside, I kinda of want to charge. This way, I will relook my charge mechanism again.

    Thank you, joe. You have been a good help.

    The path, you are right. I am kinda of running two parameters in user role function. I think Joe is aware, because he helped me and have seen admin module. Looks like I need to restructure my charge mechanism later. This is what happen if you don't want to do program, all depends on plugins and to build community digital library in a month, just to help you student community to learn and benefit from your experiences. - I call it Shortcut. hehehe

    Thank you guys,
    Hazman Aziz

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