Landing Page Plugin?


Does WMPU DEV have a "Landing Page" plugin? I am using the Blogs MU theme with Buddypress. I would like visitors that are new to the site to be directed to landing page that requires them to enter there email address and city or location.

If not, can WPMU DEV recommend a good landing page plugin or suggest how to create a landing page using the Blogs MU theme?

Thank you!


  • DavidM

    Hiya Jeff,

    Interestingly, I can't seem to find any free landing page plugins, there's a whole lot of premium ones out there though!

    What people sometimes do in these cases is create page templates from existing theme template files and alter those templates to suit their needs. This is detailed at the following:

    What you could potentially do is create a page template from one of the other template files, create a page specifying that as its page template, then set that as the static front-page at Settings > Reading.

    I generally use the Headway theme for things like that myself, which lets you customize pages individually. There are a number of other similar theme frameworks too, like Platform Pro and Carrington Build. These types of themes might be the easiest option for such customizations.

    Perhaps others around here have thoughts to share too.


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