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What the most efficient way to update the messages and language on a plug in or theme. For Example the plug in says:

"Subscribe to Our Newsletters" and I would like to say: "Subscribe"

  • mort3n

    Hi kometdog,

    For a plugin or theme ready for translation (most are) I think a good way to achieve this is to do the same as when you translate a plugin.

    Each plugin must provide its own translation of the strings that it brings to the site.

    If a plugin does not come with a translation into your language, then you can fairly easily make one yourself as follows.

    First the general answer, here

    Here's what I do when translating a plugin called myplugin:

    I use PoEdit. Make sure to go into File->Settings->Edit and check "Generate .mo file on save".

    In the myplugin folder there's a myplugin\languages subfolder. There you'll find the myplugin.po file.

    In PoEdit load the .po file.

    Save with the proper name for the language you need. You can find the naming conventions at

    For US English it would be myplugin-en_US.po

    Now translate each string in the catalogue.


    You will now have the two files myplugin-en_US.po and

    FTP the files into the subfolder myplugin\languages on the server.

    Assuming your site language is set to US English the plugin strings should now appear in US English.


    PS. In most plugins the file to load initially is a .POT file. In that case you choose Create catalogue from .POT file in PoEdit and proceed as above.

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