Language templates

Would it be possible to ammend all entries in the languages folder of the themes (and plugins) to include a more useful path?

An entry such as

#: /Users/barrygetty/Work/wordpress/plugins/automessage/classes/class.automessage.php:109

#: /Users/barrygetty/Work/wordpress/plugins/automessage/classes/class.automessage.php:110

msgid “Messages”

msgstr “”

is of no help. Instead, something like

#: wp-content/plugins/automessage/classes/class.automessage.php:109

#: wp-content/plugins/automessage/classes/class.automessage.php:110

msgid “Messages”

msgstr “”

would be much more useful.

I’m pretty sure you get the idea!

PS: Let me know when a position for QA Manager opens up.