Languages for WordPress plugin, Small Typo in discription of plugin on WPMU Site


I was installing the Languages for WordPress package when i came across a small typo. As i want to see the WPMU Community as perfect and flawless, I wasnt able to stop myself from sharing the typo, so that it can be corrected.

Languages for WordPress

Select Language At Signup

The above mentioned two pages state that:

3. Create a new language folder on your hard drive and add all the .mo file to your <strong>language</strong> folder.

But in next few lines, it says the folder name to be LANGUAGES (instead of language)

5. Locate the <strong>languages </strong>folder on your computer.

7. Select the new <strong>languages </strong>folder you created on your computer and drag it into your wp-content folder in your WordPress directory.

While image attached on the page shows the folder name as LANGUAGES. (with S)

Kindly have a look and edit the text.

Hope it helps.