Large Site Best Backup Solution


I have a large client site that runs woo commerce. It is 40 gb in size. the client has 1500 products in their store. and it is mostly downloadable audio files etc. That is what makes this thing so huge. It works great. They just upload their files into the media area. I wish there were someway to link them over to an amazon media bucket or something, but I don't think I can do that now that all 1500 products are linked.

So the problem is I have tried several backup tools but they all won't backup the site due to its size. Backup buddy will not work. I have tried Updraft plus too. It gives these warnings - Warning: A very large file was encountered: debug.log (size: 4234.1 Mb)
Warning: Table 8A3sz_options has very many rows (374268) - we hope your web hosting company gives you enough resources to dump out that table in the backup

I use a Media Temple DV server with plenty of resources for the site.

Can you help me figure out the best backup option. If something happens to this site without backups Im messed up big time!

Thank you!!! - Cody