Last few bits before making site live


Thanks all so far for helping me get this site looking how I want. I really do appreciate it. IM meant to be getting the website finished tomorrow, ready for it going live next week but I have a few niggly things that I cant resolve that need looking at beforehand and your help in this matter will again be appreciated loads.

Website is and support has been granted.

its not a huge list, but here goes:

1: Publish button doesn’t work when you create an event

2: on the front page, the content views showing under “WHAT’S ON TODAY” seem to have a bottom padding. I cant work this out.. it shouldn’t do

3: Create a directory page:

a) Make the heading section with “Submit a listing” transparent so its not white. (only the section above “CATEGORY & PLAN SELECTION”.

b) Clear Form and Complete Listing buttons padded from the bottom and left/right by about 25px?

There was something else, i wrote it down but i cant read my writing… doh

If we could sort the few things above though that would be a great help

Kind regards