Latest Buddypress update (1.5.1) and Network theme compatibility

Hi there.

Hope you can help. Not so much of that on Buddypress site, but a few forum responses suggest mine might be a theme issue.

It seems the latest Buddypress update has introduced major changes affecting my installation

The update requires a 'repair' to a database which is a simple fix for the top level site, but won't fix (what was working before the latest update) for sub-sites (disregarding the multiple times this would be required!).

So the Community links (Activity, Blogs and Members) are useless - which is really the sole benefit Buddypress offers, now much of these are available from WPMUDEV plugins now! - instead of linking to etc. like the top level, now link to the non-existent etc. - which is entirely meaningless considering each blog is supposed to be part of the community rather than being at the top level of its own community!

Something wrong surely... and also the profiles aren't working at all...

I've requested help from Buddypress but what makes me guess this might (but only might) be a theme issue is that fault passed frequently that way on their forums and something new (to me) on the Network options. Under Buddypress section under Advanced Options for Network - there is a placeholder for Buddypress options that has no selections. Perhaps there's an intended change by you guys?

So sorry if this is purely a Buddypress issue but there's just so little support there....

Thanks, Tim