Latest membership plugin update ruined my home page?


I updated to the latest version of the membership plugin recently, and suddenly, when I'm logged out of my admin user account, the slider and menu on the home page are completely messed up. I have no idea what I should do because I don't want to make things worse.

I have not made any settings changes in the plugin since before the update. Everything was working great up until the update.

The site is:

Please help! Oh, I'm also attaching pictures of what my site should look like (as seen when I'm logged in) and what my page looks like when I'm not logged in (which is what I see now after the update).

Also, a staff member needs to recategorize this post to the "plugins" section. I couldn't post to that section because the option "select a plugin" after I selected the website was blank. I worked before, but now it doesn't.