latest social theme - JS for activity posting

Hello, Ive been using Social theme, but I just upgraded to the latest Social Theme that was uploaded and now I was no longer able to comment on my gallery images (im using BP Gallery from buddydev site). I asked the question on his site, and he said that maybe my theme is not loading JS for activity posting anymore. is this one of the new updates?

  • Mason
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    Hiya Qwerty,

    I'll ask the theme designer to stop in on this. I do know that an update is needed for Social, but I can't confirm whether that's the issue here or not. This theme hasn't received an update since February so I'm not sure what version you were using before? Version 1.1.8 has been out since February, can you confirm that you were using an earlier version than this?

    Thanks. We'll help ya get it sorted.

  • Shane7
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    I was using social theme that i downloaded back in July.. but then a couple of days ago, I saw that it said last update on 10/8/2010, so I downloaded it.

    if there were no changes, hmmm, then im really stuck because I used to be able to make comments, and now Im unable to. and its saying JS isnt loaded. I guess i'll ste up another test install and see how it goes with no plugins.

  • Shane7
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Thanks! I thought it was an update and since I noticed the issue right after I loaded the theme files, (plus it was a JS issue) I looked at the theme as being the reason. sorry.

    I created a new test site and reloaded everything one at a time, and i found the error in my bp-custom.php file. i had used some code I found on a site that would prevent showing 'new registrations' on the activity stream... once i deleted that, everything worked again. I went back to that site and they offered a plugin as well (instead of the code hack) , and i tried that and it worked, so that was odd (that the code caused an issue, but the plugin from same site didnt caise an issue).

    Well thanks for taking yoru time to always help me out, especially when sometimes (like this thread) its me wasting your time. sorry. and thanks though :slight_smile:

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