Latest update to MarketPress broke my whole store

I think the new market press plugin looks much easier to use, but the problem is now my whole store does not work.
When I looked at all my settings, they were all defaults, so I went through and reset all the details again.

I went over to my store and now my products are all in a column instead in a grid and when I click on them I get the follow message on the screen

Fatal error: Class 'MP_Product' not found in /home/snowpawsolutions/public_html/wp-content/plugins/marketpress/marketpress.php on line 408

I went into my products and it looks like I have to set them all up again because all my pricing info and my attached files for the digital products are all gone.

Please advise on how to fix the issue I'm having. Hopefully this is not happening to everyone they updates their plugin. I normally just skim update info and tell it to update. I only looked close at this one because some of payment gateways were being removed and I need to update some materials to reflect that.