Friday Launch: The Worlds first Wordpress based hosted ecommerce, discount here!

Hey everyone!

I have some exciting news, on Friday, I will be launching the worlds first WordPress based hosted ecommerce all in one solution.

I'll be offering a exclusive discount to WPMU/WPMU DEV members.

The normal prices: £25 per month Yearly price: £225 (Paid up-front). WPMU price: £18 per month! Yes that's right you are saving £7 per month on a already bargain plan! Cancel anytime no commitments! Want to grab a yearly plan at a low price? Well I suppose it can be done :wink: Exclusively for WPMU/WPMU DEV members: £185.00 per year!

I'll quickly run through some features without boring you all :slight_smile:

-Hosted ecommerce solution running on WordPress. What this means you ask?
Well you don't have to worry about hosting, security, backups, upgrades, databases etc, it's all done! Everything is done, sing-up, click a button, add some products! Simple eh?

-SSL secure admin and checkout, then again why not go one better? Use the integrated Mijireh checkout to be fully PCI compliant. With the Mijireh checkout you can use, stripe, eWay, Authorize, PayPal etc.
Don't want to use it? No problem! Use PayPal, (Google Wallet coming soon).

-Full, yes FULL eBay integration, what's this you ask? Well ever wanted a website but thought it'd be a pain sorting out stock for both? We have you covered! List your products on your website, use our tool to publish them to eBay making sure you use the stock inventory feature and boom! It's all done for you, item sells on eBay the stock will decrease on your website, item sells on eBay stock will be decreased on your website. Also with full order creation (item sells on eBay, order is created on your dashboard).
If you have a load of products on eBay you may not want to list them all again on your website, but guess what? Yep you guessed it, import all your products into your website, to get selling straight away.

-More of a download type of person? No problem we support download products too!

-Using the great bootstrap admin plugin from @aristath The dashboard is a great improvement over the standard WordPress one.

So what do you get in your plan you ask?
Instant setup
Hundreds of features
Unlimited Bandwith
Up to 2,500 products
+ lot's lot's more...

Like the sound of it? Check back to this very forum on Friday for the launch!
Any questions or comments leave them below or you can always drop me an email: jack(at)

Thanks for reading!

Kind Regards
Jack (Coding-Monkey).