Laying My Roadmap: Best Plugins to Use?

Another question: With so many plugins to choose from I'm getting idea overload!

The network I am developing is for a specific niche and use and my users will be one blog/site end users and also people who may set-up multiple blogs/sites.

Obviously each person will be paying a monthly or yearly fee; But, if one person sets up a blog today, then comes back in a week and adds another one, a month later adds another, so now they have 3 blogs/sites - which plugin would be best to manage how much they pay and would it be possible to roll the multiple blog payments into one?

And: With Pay To Blog can I (either with that plugin or another) add a one-off payment at the start? Because of the unique nature of the network there'll be a small amount of admin up front.

Cheers and thanks for any thoughts.


  • DavidM

    Hi Martin,

    Sorry for the delay, I was testing out a few ideas on this one. Depending on your needs, either Pay to Blog or the Supporter plugin may work for you. You can find out more about Supporter at the following.

    Supporter provides a lot of added functionality over Pay to Blog and there's quite a number of Supporter plugins to further enhance that. With both of these, users will have the option of paying to create blogs. I can't say I know of a way to consolidate the payments as they'd all potentially be on subscriptions with different beginning dates or durations.

    There's also not a way to add a one-off payment via the options. You may want to consider a bit of custom coding if you'd like that done. Or alternatively, you can wait for the upcoming update to all of this.

  • Martin Koss

    Thank you David. The 'Supporter' plugin looks very nice, indeed.

    Using the 'Admin Menu Editor' I see I can disable the creation of new blogs for existing users.

    Due to the value of this system I've developed I will not be offering a free option - at all. Anyone who signs up will have seen substantial demonstrations. Kind of like WPMUdev - by the time you sign up, the user knows what they're getting.

    The way I understand it is: If I use 'Supporter', I can:

    Keep it simple to sign-up - keep the available options to a minimum.
    Have a 'Basic' package (say, $10 per month option) for basic blog posts & pages.
    Have a 'Premium' package (higher monthly fee) which I could set a 'Premium' plugin set available.

    Am I understanding it right so far?

    With regards to premium features; It will be based on 'plugins' only - I won't be offering changing 'themes' as the theme I've added is so flexible and created for use with the intended purpose so they don't need to change themes - they can just edit the one they get - unlimited flexibility.

    Sorry I can't disclose 'what' it is at this point... I'm being told it's going to be 'huge' so I have to be careful with how much I reveal.

    I still want to be able to manually create blogs for 'VIP' users (these are people who have supported the project since conception and they will never be charged for their own blog - but I need to let them have all premium features).

    So, if an existing 'Premium' user wants to create a new blog, how would they do that without creating a new 'user' at the same time?

    I will have a number of people who 'manage' blogs for other people so I need to make it simple for them to have multiple blogs (fair enough if it means multiple payments each month) on the same 'user'.

    If I add 'Supporter' will all my existing blogs remain exactly as they are?

    Have I explained myself well enough?


  • DavidM

    I believe you've explained well enough but please feel free to correct me if I've misunderstood anything.

    To begin with, I should clarify that in its current incarnation, Supporter has a single level, the Supporter level. There's not currently a way to specify different levels. It's something being worked on for the next version.

    With Supporter, you can manually extend an existing blog to have all the Supporter features. There's an option for that. So you can take care of all manual adjustments as requested. And Supporter is blog-based rather than user based and you can easily add blogs to users (the same way you would in regular multisite WordPress) and then extend them as Supporter blogs.

    Also, Supporter won't alter your current blogs. You can safely install and uninstall the plugin and have your blogs intact after that point.


  • Martin Koss

    Thanks David.

    Considering my original thoughts were to use 'Pay To Blog' and the 'Affiliate' plugin... 'Supporter' - as an alternative - looks great.

    Just to clarify what you mean by "Supporter is blog-based rather than user based"...

    So Support is either 'on' or 'off' per blog? Not per 'user'?

    Someone signs up for a new blog on the network, they need to upgrade to 'Supporter' in order to make use of the account (that's how I would set it up), at which time they would pay the premium fee.

    Now if that same user needs to create a new blog (perhaps to manage for someone else), what would they need to do in order to
    a) get another blog and
    b) pay?

    Would the additional blog need to be set-up by me (super admin) or could the existing 'Supporter' do it?

    One-off user/blogs is not a problem. I'm just trying to work out how to deal with people who will (inevitably) look after a few blogs - all of which need to be paid for.

    Sorry for so many questions but once this goes live people will be jumping all over it so I have to get it right.



  • Martin Koss

    I noticed that Edublogs have 3 levels; Free, Pro and Campus. Is that all using 'Supporter'?

    Could I use 'Pay to Blog' so that anyone can sign up for a paid account, then offer the 'Supporter' option in the dashboard? If they 'upgrade' to 'Supporter' would their PayPal payment increase accordingly?

    That still brings me back to how to enable someone to have multiple blogs on the same 'user' account and be paying for each blog...

    Thinking out loud...


  • DavidM

    Hi Martin, sorry for the delay here. I responded in your other thread as well but to answer your questions on additional blogs, they'd simply go through the blog creation process as they did the first time. And of course, the Supporter setting up the blog could do this.

    Regarding Edublogs, that's a bit of a customized project there. The 3-step registration process over there is highly requested as well. :slight_smile:

    Needless to say, the multi-levels concern is definitely being addressed and the forthcoming project will account for this as well as other things.

  • Sue

    Hi Martin

    Here's some information in relation to how we do it on Edublogs - hope it helps.

    Free and Pro on Edublogs are done using the Supporter plugin. In our situation we have it so the features of a free blog are such that they want to upgrade the free blog to become a Pro blog. So having them create more free blogs isn't an issue as it means more likely they buy more Pro subscriptions. They use the bulk upgrade option when they have multiple of blogs.

    Main Features that make them want to upgrade are ads on free blogs (especially our Edublogs ads at top of each post), access to Premium themes, inability to embed code, lack of access to tools that make it easier to create or add users and storage space when they've used it up. And if they don't upgrade we're still making money from ads.

    Campus is entirely separate product.


  • Lorange

    Hello Kossuk,

    You may want to have a look at the few threads with the "Concept" tag. I'm sure there are a few ones that will be helpful and give you some more ideas for your roadmap.

    You wrote the following:

    I won't be offering changing 'themes' as the theme I've added is so flexible and created for use with the intended purpose so they don't need to change themes - they can just edit the one they get - unlimited flexibility.

    Would you like to share this? I have been looking for several months for the best solution about this. You may have a look at my reflections here and there.



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