Layout changes not sticking with my BP-Daily child theme :/

Hi, everyone

I’m sorry I had to resort to posting a new thread, but I couldn’t make it work just from reading through previous discussions. Hopefully one of you has the magic ticket :slight_smile:

I’ve installed BP-Daily and I’ve created my child theme [called “Ewing”]. I’ve registered Ewing as the active theme, and I’ve selected the default.css preset style. I’ve also copied over the contents of the themes/bp-daily-child folder, as well as a couple other .php files I wanted to edit [footer.php, header.php, etc].

I need to make some layout changes – for example, removing the category navigation – to satisfy the people who pay me, and it seems that no matter where I make them, they don’t take. I’m obviously making some silly mistake / oversight somewhere, but I’m having a heck of a time finding it.

Any suggestions? I really appreciate the help. Thanks!