"Learn More" button not functioning in CoursePro

We have two pages for training courses – one for on-premise courses, one for e-Courses. On the on-premise page, the “Learn More” looks fine. The button is as it should be, on the top of the course description.


On the e-Course page, the Learn More button originally loads on top, but then once all the CSS loads, the button is pushed BEHIND the course description so you can’t see it anymore.


** You must be logged in to see the /gpi-dev folder (our staging site). I have enabled support access in the WPMU Dev Dashboard.

I have opened each of the pages side by side and gone through the sections one by one comparing them and they seem to be the same. Clearly, I’m missing something and I don’t know whether it’s in Divi, WordPress, my CSS pages, or CoursePro. Do you have any insights here?

  • Adam Czajczyk
    • Support Gorilla

    Hello Laura

    I hope you’re well today!

    I’ve access the site and checked both these pages that you linked to. On both of them the “Learn more” button seems to be working fine for me: it looks pretty much the same on both of them, is not pushed “behind” any other elements and is “clickable”. Did you manage to handle that meanwhile or is it “just me”? If it’s “just me”, that might be somehow related to the browser so if you still need assistance with it, let me know, please, about what browser(s) and on what OS did you checked it so far (along with version number).

    However, I did notice one other issue there. On the gpi-dev/training/online-courses those buttons, while visible and “clickable” doesn’t seem to work fine because they got wrong URLs assigned – the URLs are like “../course_name_goes_here” instead of a full URL. Are you aware of this or do you need me to check this too?

    Best regards,


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