Leftover files preventing the stock WP Visual Editor from displaying?


I have more info on this...there is a bunch of leftover files (js mostly it appears) after the plugin tinyMCE Advanced was deactivated and deleted. It is causing the stock WP Visual Editor to appear blank only. The text area has its editor but not the Visual tab.

How can this be fixed to be able to use the WP stock Visual Editor again?

Sample code left over:


...and a bunch of other tinymce code snippets to boot (they appear as objects in the Visual Editor area itself).

Please let me know if someone knows how to quickly get rid of this stuff so the stock WP Visual Editor will work. This is 100% tinyMCE Advanced and is happened when it was installed and the deactivated and deleted (all settings inside the plugin where also disabled before deactivating and deleting too).

Thanks a bunch...