less confusing forum email updates (don't want to accidentally Unsubscribe)

I REALLY don’t want to accidentally hit the “Unsubscribe” link in your forum post update emails, but the link to the forum post and the Unsubscribe links look nearly identical, as shown below:


Please do not reply to this notification via e-mail. All replies should be made on the forum thread.



I think it should be:

-post content (no change)

-link to post (no change)

-Unsubscribe text with the word “Unsubscribe” as the link

Thankfully, I’ve never clicked on that by accident (or on purpose), but I fear it’s a one-click-done thing instead of a link that takes me to a confirmation yes/no question. I feel especially strong about changing the similar-looking links if it doesn’t ask for an Unsubscribe confirmation.

Hopefully this feedback helps.